The musings and adventures of a couple of 20 odd-year-old gays and their novice approach to becoming adoptive parents.

Join us as we expand our family and write about the things that come in between.

Firstly, a big thanks for visiting Dad Vibes. Let me introduce myself; I am Kaden, currently lingering around the wrong side of 25, and working in retail with a passion for blogging, content writing and graphic design. I’ll be stepping into the glamorous lead role on this freshly conceived blog; it will be mostly my ramblings that you’ll be enduring.

Then there’s the extremely lucky and sensible Fiancé Mark, Marketing Director (and worlds weakest cook), who will also dip his fingers in every now and again when it comes to posts and contributions and fixing the html on this site when I fuck up.

We’ve decided to create this blog as we are embarking on our adoption journey (eeek!!). Having recently been placed with our beautiful little boy, there’s no better time to start documenting what we have been through and what will hopefully be an exciting story. We found that during the application process, quite a lot of the resources and experiences online were negative; and with us practically being unicorns we want to offer our positive rainbow version – I joke… we just want to put out an honest version of Adoption which isn’t all gloomy AF!

So to summarise this blog… Dad Vibes; you can expect a different, non bullshit, positive and realistic approach to adoption with hints of Iggle Piggle, Gin and receding hair lines.

We hope you will join us on this exciting adventure!

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