A Letter to Our Son

We have been extremely lucky to have our potential adoptive Son a few months now. Here is something we put together on the first day of caring for him. Just as the idea to start this blog came about.

Our Son, today is your first full day with us, you are 7.5 months old and extremely loud! We found out about your existence just a couple of months ago and completed the ‘bridging process’ with you yesterday, and already (in this whirlwind process that is adoption) we love you to bits!

It’s a little confusing how you are with us right now, but basically, we are fostering you for a short while before we go through ‘panel’ to officially adopt you. It’s called ‘foster to adopt’, and it just means that we get you earlier than the usual adoption process. As it stands you could still get taken away from us, so we are investing all this love and attention when there’s a risk you may not stay here, just know that this risk is small; and if you’re of age to be reading this I guess it all went well and we managed to raise you as our son.

So we have created this blog to document your life with us; for you to read it later in life and for others who are going through (or thinking of going through) the adoption process. Who knows, you may have a brother or sister by the time you read this so it will be for them too!

To commence I want you to know how happy we are to have you in our lives and we want you to know how absolutely perfect you are; you have brought a new light into our daily routines! You are our first child, second son (after Alfie the dog), but literally; you mean everything to us. You have taught us to become dads in just a matter of days, and for now your dads are arguing who gets to change your nappy! You have taught us how to be selfless, patient and even more loving; no matter what anyone tells you, we may not have given birth to you – as that would have been impossible – but you are 100 percent our son and always will be.

I hope you are accepting that you have two dads, in fact, I hope you will one day be proud of having two dads. The world is ever-changing as it’s getting more and more accepting of a child having two fathers; yes, we aren’t a nuclear family… but who cares!

Day One

I promise we will give you the best life possible, make you smile when you are feeling sad and tell you off when being bad. We also promise to stop calling you our little ‘Radge Packet’ or ‘Radgie’ before you understand what it means.

Our adventure is just beginning, but even now, when we look into your gigantic brown eyes we picture the man you are going to become. I have confidence that – if you take after your besotted dads – you will be kind, brave and loyal, determined, loving and honest. The world in which you are embarking on is a crazy one and I hope that it never dulls your already bright and bubbly personality.

Finally, I will thank you now for being the best thing to ever happen to us. We were matched for each other after unfortunate circumstances but these wrongs certainly made a right and the way we feel towards you is ecstatic. We look forward to watching you grow, but don’t do it too fast.

Adopting you is without a doubt the greatest thing we will ever do, I can already tell. I know this isn’t the life you would have probably chosen, but we hope it’s a life you won’t look back negatively on.

Love you to the moon and back infinite times,

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