Our Adoption Story – S2EP1

So here we go again! Firstly, thank you guys so much, honestly, I am shocked at how many people have read my blog. ‘Season 1’ (as I am now calling it) has literally been read and shared all over the world and it makes me feel so proud and happy that I’ve been able to help people out.

False Start

Between now and when I was last seriously blogging we just been enjoying life with our Son. He is amazing, hard work, but amazing! We’ve visited Ikea countless times, watched a few seasons of DragRace, changed jobs and put on weight. 

Our son is roughly 3.5 years old now, he’s intelligent, cheeky and inquisitive. We are currently going through a phase of ‘Mummy’ talk, something we dreaded discussing. However, in reality, it’s been really easy and extremely important to talk to him about it. I’ll post on this soon, promise!

As mentioned, I’ve changed jobs. Last year we started the adoption process again, yay! We were super excited and completed our ROI and submitted our employment references. I was loving my role at the time, it was creative and got on with everyone.

We were informed that we would jump straight to Stage Two meaning we didn’t have to go on the initial adoption evenings and we skipped some of the initial paperwork. We had a social worker visit to go through all of our ID and finances just like the first time we adopted. We provided the social worker with our shared finance plan again. Top Tip – It’s so much easier for them when you put together a spreadsheet with all of your income and outgoings.

A quick tour around the house and the visiting social worker was ready to progress us. The next step would be assigning us our social worker for the next adoption journey. 

Hi Kaden and Mark,

I have been allocated as your worker, which I am very happy about. I have enclosed an agreement which needs signing. I have not put any dates in this plan yet – I thought I could visit you and make a plan of action. Obviously the assessment will not be in as depth as last time, it is a case of simply updating it

Speak to you soon,


We were over the moon that Sally had been reassigned to us for our second time around, she had done such an amazing job the first time round and matched us with the most perfect son anyone could ask for, she really got us!

During this time I was doing really well at work, I was promised a management role within my team, I was being commended on my outputs and then they received my adoption paperwork… 

After this my manager started to become extremely unprofessional with me then boom, they terminated my contract right before Christmas, no warning, no nothing. I won’t go into this any further, but just so you know it is illegal to fire someone when you (the company) have knowledge of their intent to adopt. Just know your rights guys!

This mess marked the end of our second adoption story. We were pretty gutted as we were so ready to add another little one to our family. What made it much worse was the questions from friends and family were asking for an update on our adoption progress and I was was all over the place from the unexpected job loss, which I kept hidden from most of my friends and family because I was really embarrassed, hurt and betrayed; when in fact I should have been fighting for my rights.

A New Hope

I wanted to do something rewarding for my next role. Having been so passionate about the adoption process and my experience within it I wanted a role within Social Services. I had a look at my local authorities job listings and saw the perfect role, Family Support Worker. I applied for this the day after I was cut from my previous role and heard nothing for a short while.

I enjoyed Christmas with my little fam and unexpected time off (I watched shit loads of Netflix and ate a shit load of food) and in late Jan received an email inviting me for an interview for the family support worker role. Long and short of it, I got the job! I really feel that everything happens for a reason, and everything aligned for this! 

So I’ve been in this role since and it’s brilliant, so rewarding and something that I am extremely passionate about! If you need any life story work, books or letter support I am officially your guy! 

Anyway, the past is the past and I stand by my life motto, Never a regret, Always a lesson’ spoken by and tattooed on a true legend, Rihanna.

Episode Two will be up super soon as, I can confirm, we’ve started the adoption process again!

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