Our Adoption Story – S2EP2

Heyhey all, what a year 2020 has been! I feel like (and I think you’ll all agree) 2020 is the year that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. 

Unprecedented Times

It’s day 82 of lockdown, that’s longer than some of my favourite series of Big Brother! It really has been a surreal time for everyone. It’s also been an opportunity for people to learn new skills, implement home workouts and catch up on DIY chores around the house; for us, we decided it was a time to start the adoption process again.

After last year’s false start the conversation around adoption had been broached on several occasions this year. With lockdown we more or less wrote off the idea of adopting again. That was until we saw a post from the local authority trying to recruit, discussions between myself and Mark soon followed. 

During lockdown we’ve had our son home from nursery, we took him out of nursery a few days before the lockdown was enforced. Since then we’ve experienced 24/7 parenting…. and it is bloody hard!

I am just so so so glad that Mark and I have been able to juggle our work commitments and work together to boss lockdown parenting. I take my hat off to any single parents out there doing it alone. 

We’ve done arts and crafts, built countless cars out of Lego and played outdoors at every opportunity. Although Z seems perfectly happy enough with lockdown, what Mark and I have really noticed is that he could really do with a sibling, someone to play with. The huge amounts of guilt we’ve had when he’s asked us to play trains with him and we’ve been in the middle of something work-related has been brutal!

Quickie Adoption

Growing up as an only child myself, I know how lonely it can be, we have always planned to get Z a little sibling and we saw on a facebook adoption group that due to lockdown ‘stage 2’ visits have been conducted over skype, we thought this was ideal as its effort cleaning your house for all the stage two visits, so we made the first steps and headed over to the local authorities website and submitted our interest via their online form. This still felt really nerve-wracking even though we’ve already adopted!

A callback and a short conversation later, we had agreed to fill in a ‘Registration Of Interest’ form. For anyone that doesn’t know what one of these are, it’s a form that you fill in all your details i.e. Gender, age, education and employment history etc. This form also requires you to select your references to vouch that you are good people.

I’ve put together an example of a ROI that you can read HERE and popped a quick post with example questions that are asked for your references HERE

When we saw the questionnaire that was sent out to our references the second time around we thought it was a bit silly… The questions were as if we’d never seen a child before, nevermind parent one for the last 3 years. Regardless our references have still had to complete it.

So Long Sally!

The social worker that spoke to us initially informed us that due to it being our second go at the adoption process we wouldn’t need to do as much as the first time around (which was a huge relief). She informed us that when we return our ROI form we will be allocated a Social Worker, unfortunately for us, having been in contact with Sally recently we learnt that she’s been seconded/ promoted to a role within fostering so we won’t be assessed by her this time, we have our fingers crossed that our new social worker is just as good as Sally!

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